About Us

In March 2012 thousands of ‘dog people’ came together online to express their concern and alarm at the flawed vet check process introduced by The Kennel Club at Crufts.

A simple Facebook page became a focal point for dog exhibitors and breeders to voice their concerns and it became clear very quickly that people wanted to take action.  This led to the inaugural meeting of the Canine Alliance on 15th March 2012.

Dog people from all over the country came together, this time in person, to discuss the methods that were employed at Crufts and to attempt to produce a set of recommendations that actually help  the Kennel Club progress in its quest to improve the health of our pure bred dogs, whilst at the same time supporting the breeders, exhibitors and judges who fall under its jurisdiction.

We aim to act as “a voice of the people” and to represent everyone involved with pedigree dogs, and to negotiate when necessary with any related organisations in the interest of all breeds.

The Canine Alliance is developing as an organisation that will act as an effective vehicle to represent the views of people involved in pedigree dogs across the board, not just a select few.

Watch the videos of our inaugural meeting:

Part I – opening statements and comments from the floor on the vet checks at Crufts:


Part II – discussing next steps and the formation of the Canine Alliance:


Part III – naming the Canine Alliance & volunteers come forward for the first Steering Committee:


Part IV – confirmation of the first Steering Committee and close: