One Small Step for Dogkind…

The Canine Alliance has given a cautious welcome to the written response of 21st March received from Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary.

We appreciate this written acknowledgement,coming as it does on behalf of the General Committee, whereby our current and prospective members can note for themselves both the recognition and effect of our efforts on a range of issues on their behalves, together with the ongoing co-operation in the desire to achieve our goals.

We remain committed to our objective of removing the Vet checks and their singling out of certain designated High Profile Breeds to be solely subject to them.

We are making progress as evidenced by the several “tweaks” in advice and procedure, as to the nature of the checks, in the 12 months since their introduction that culminated in them being brought back “in-house” at Crufts 2013.

The Canine Alliance is somewhat bemused by the final paragraph which suggests our proposed MOT (which takes into consideration both health and temperament) for show dogs is “fraught” with complications not least, says the KC, because it is an “on the day” assessment. Negotiating with the FCI over the co-approval of all-breed judges may also be so “fraught”, but it does not mean that the issue should be cast aside or ignored simply because of that. It is ironic that the KC have put such great “spin” on the Vet Checks alleged success as evidencing improved health generally in a breed, yet insist they are valid only “on the day” too.

But we do applaud the move in the direction we have been urging by the stated “new initiative” that will invite a judge of ANY breed to express health concerns. This is “one small step for dogkind” towards the Canine Alliance goal of addressing health and welfare of pedigree show dogs for all breeds and not the few scapegoats.

We aim to continue to be vigilant, as required by our members from the outset, and look forward to whatever new challenges emerge in 2013.

CA Letter to KC 12 Nov 2012                  KC response 21 Mar 2013

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