Our Objectives

The aims of the Canine Alliance are:

  • to protect and support the well-being of pedigree dogs;
  • to uphold the ethics of responsible dog breeding; and
  • to encourage health checking of all dogs and to allow the exhibition of pedigree dogs without bias or discrimination.


3rd MAY 2015


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Whilst our organisation was formed because of the outcry caused by the introduction of individual veterinary examinations of selected breeds at Crufts 2012, we wish to explore more widespread health checking, so that all dogs exhibited at Kennel Club licensed shows are certified before they compete, rather than after they have been awarded a prize.

We also intend to attempt to create dialogue with the Kennel Club about insisting on basic health checks for identified parents before accepting litters for registration, so that “KC Registered” will actually mean somethin

Further matters to be addressed by the Canine Alliance include the opening of Kennel Club membership so that it truly is representative of the average breeder, exhibitor and competitor.  Only that way will the future of  pedigree dogs be truly protected and assured.

Members at the Launch meeting in 2012 at the National Motorcycle Museum