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Canine Alliance seeks more information following Kennel Club response

The Canine Alliance received a reply last week from Mrs Caroline Kisko in response to our email to the KC Chair, Prof Dean.  The Canine Alliance believes that response raises more questions than it answers and we have therefore written to Prof Dean once again.  The text of our latest letter is as follows:

Dear Prof Dean
As you will know, Mrs Kisko responded on your behalf to our earlier letter dated 16th April 2015 regarding the award of a contract related to the publication of the Kennel Gazette. This has raised more questions which we seek your response to.
Having taking time to carefully review previous press reports, it is our understanding that the Group of people who are responsible for the work to re-introduce the Gazette are not paid employees of the Kennel Club, nor are they members of the General Committee/Board.  Rather, we gather that they are a group of willing volunteers who have operated in good faith, but without any delegated authority to act in any executive capacity on behalf of the Kennel Club.
That being the case, the matter that we raised with you in our letter yesterday would appear to rest entirely with the board/General Committee of the Kennel Club.
Your clarification on this point would be of great interest and we look forward to your comments, particularly given the fact that the KC Board/General Committee has shown a track record of rejecting the efforts of “volunteers” as exemplified by the resignation or so many of the original number on the group dealing with the Kennel Gazette.

It is our assumption that the Kennel Club Limited has a formal signing policy and signing authority in place and would you confirm that the policy documents in this regard will be available at the KC AGM for your members to consider? 

We look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely
For & On Behalf of the Canine Alliance Limited




Canine Alliance Asks KC to clarify information regarding new Kennel Gazette Printers

The KC Secretary, Mrs Caroline Kisko, replied the same day to the Canine Alliance request for information regarding the Kennel Gazette contract.  Here is a copy of the email we received:

From: Caroline Kisko
Sent: 16 April 2015 15:33
To: Mel Sharples
Cc: Steve Dean
Subject: RE: Pet Subjects Limited


Dear Ms Sharples

Thank you for your email to Professor Dean.

I can confirm that the contract to publish the Kennel Gazette has been awarded to Pet Subjects Ltd, as a result of a process that was undertaken by those Kennel Club members responsible for returning the magazine to production for KC members.

Yours sincerely

Caroline Kisko

Kennel Club Secretary

The Canine Alliance has today (16th April 2015) written to the Chair of the Kennel Club, following comments on social media networks regarding the appointment of new printers for the shortly to be revamped Kennel Gazette.  The text of the letter (emailed on the 16th April 2015) is as follows:

Dear Prof Dean

A number of our members have contacted us amid rumours on social media that the contract to print the reinstated Kennel Gazette has been awarded to a company by the name of Pet Subjects Limited, a company registered at Companies House under Reg No 0277055.

Whilst we recognise that commercial arrangements are often subject to confidentiality agreements and/or restrictions, we would like to give the Kennel Club the opportunity to confirm or deny that this contract has been awarded to Pet Subjects and, if so, to outline what due diligence has undertaken when making the decision to award the contract.

We look forward to hearing from you as our membership – which also contains a number of mutual members – has asked us to clarify this.

We look forward to your response.

 Yours sincerely