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The Canine Alliance is a young organisation, in our formative stages of development, and we need your support to help us achieve our goals:

  • to protect and support the well-being of pedigree dogs;
  • to uphold the ethics of responsible dog breeding; and
  • to encourage health checking of all dogs and to allow the exhibition of pedigree dogs without bias or discrimination.

Tell us about your vet check experiences

The introduction of high profile breed vet checks by the Kennel Club at Crufts 2012 led to the formation of the Canine Alliance when literally thousands of ‘dog people’ came together to express their concerns about what we believe is a flawed and unfair system. We’re all for improving health standards across all breeds but the current system introduced by the KC is just not fair or effective.

Whether you passed or failed, had a smooth vet check or a complete shocker – tell us about your vet check experience!

Help spread the word!

Whether you’re a member or not, if you agree in principle with what we’re trying to do please show your support by telling others about us and what we’re trying to achieve!  Download a Membership Form, or download a Canine Alliance Support Badge to share on Facebook, your website or blog! Small things that can have huge impact!

Join us at one of our meetings – we want your input!

We aim to be “the voice of the people” and to do that we need your input into the work we’re doing.  Come along to one of our Open Meetings and join CA members and other dog lovers in shaping the work that we do.

Become a Canine Alliance member!

Sign up and become a member of the Canine Alliance – your membership subs (just £10 per annum) will help fund the work that we want to do in tackling key issues that affect everyone involved in the world of pedigree dogs. Downloadable CA Membership Form

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